With advancements in cancer care and treatment, cancer survivors today live longer and enjoy a vastly improved quality of life than thought imaginable.  Recent discovery has found that the sentinel lymph node in the body is the gateway for cancer to spread.  Therefore, the Sentinel Node Oncology Foundation was created in 2003 on the premise that the next level of cancer research and treatment is upon us to understand more about this important gateway.  It is now known that the same type of cancer is different from one person to the other.  The genetic signature of cancer of each patient may be determined so that treatment can be tailored to each cancer patient more precisely and efficiently.  The Foundation is building a robust sentinel lymph node databank so that the natural history of patients with solid cancer can be accurately defined by their genetic profiles.  The Foundation has unified cancer specialists working together to reach its goals through research and clinical trials.  We have over 50 members and have collected research data from over 3500 patients to date, one of the largest databases in the sentinel lymph node era.

We are now in the process of analyzing numerous data points that might lead to information that can help us determine the chances of survival for different patients diagnosed with cancer.  In this way, we can subgroup them to give them the most appropriate treatment.  Further, we are planning to build a specimen bank to establish a genetic profile of each cancer patient.  This would lead to more precise treatment recommendations and the avoidance of severe toxic effects from over treatment.